Kim St-Jean

Talent Sourcing Expert


“Keep it simple!”

About Kim

It was in 2012 that Kim encountered the recruitment world and she immediately became passionate about the profession, which was in full emergence at the time. Since then, she has developed recruitment strategies for startups, SMBs and large organizations. The quality of the client experience being of prime importance to her, Kim always works to have a real impact on recruitment on a day-to-day basis. Although the field of recruitment may seem individualistic, she is an advocate of knowledge transfer and collaboration between work teams.


  • Her experience with technology companies has provided her with an ability to grasp the subtleties and nuances of software and application development and other complex products.
  • By collaborating with companies in a variety of domains, she is now in a position to have a proper understanding of the market and deliver the goods, making sure her clients get the right story on the situation.


  • Kim is recognized for her professionalism and her ability to collaborate with diversified work teams;
  • While always using tact and sensitivity, she likes to bring a touch of humour, repartee and lightness to her work environment.