Maud-Emilie Goyer

Office manager


Nothing is impossible, the world itself says, “I’m possible”

—Audrey Hepburn

About Maud-Emilie

Curious and creative, Maud-Emilie thrives on new challenges. Her eclectic background has brought her to adapt to all kinds of situations. After studying multimedia, she worked in web design for several tourism and entertainment industry websites, and then founded her own company. Over the years, she has gathered experience in many areas of business activity: organization, presentations, processes, logistics, accounting management, human resources, etc. Since her career path has allowed her to encounter a good number of industries and domains, she was able to get a good all-around view of best processes and practices to adopt and implement.


  • Strong Information Technology skills (Web, presentations, etc.);
  • Change management; processes and procedures implementation; training;
  • Over 15 years experience in an array of companies.

Special Skills

  • A keen sense of organization and ability to adapt to change;
  • Contagious good spirits;
  • Novelist on her off-hours.